Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Certificate has arrived!

So yesterday I got an envelope in the mail which made me very excited!

My certificate arrived looking all official for my course!

I now am a qualified makeup artist and my qualification is Certificate II in Retail Make-Up and Skin Care (SIB20110). 

Even if nothing ever comes of doing the course I am very glad that I enrolled and persevered each week to turn up, which isn't easy when you work full time and then fell like you are giving up half your weekend - but it's worth it! The classes were fun and informative and I met other people who had a similar passion for all things makeup.

If you are in the Brisbane area I would highly recommend checking out the Australian Institute of Creative Design. Many thanks goes out to the other students and my teachers Carla and Michelle who made the course so great with their knowledge and enthusiasm for what they do. You guys rock!

Sunday, 16 October 2011


So as part of our course we got to do a photo shoot with a photographer. We had to have a makeup look picked out and a model to come along to do our look on. It was also an assessment day of our makeup as well as the shoot.

My niece was my model and I wanted to do a bit of a different look. Purple smokey eye with a slight 80's according to some costume!

The pictures turned out great and the makeup looks pretty good too! Thanks to Summer Lily Photography for the great photos!

Hope you enjoy the pics :)


Normally you would find me in an office but I enjoy makeup as a hobby and would like to make it a bit more than just a spare time affair.

I got started in makeup when a friend of mine asked me to do the makeup for two short horror films he was wanting to do, I said yes and here I am.

The films can be seen on the links below. I would highly recommend Adam if you want any filming done - you can contact him through his website. www.thefilmtree.com

Room 6

Forest of the Dead

After the films were finished I decided that I wanted to do more with makeup. So this year I went to back to "school" to do a Certificate II in Retail Make-up and Skincare through the Australian Institute of Creative Design.

It was a great experience and I can't wait to continue on with my makeup!